pokket a posted Jul 19, 12
So, you found this site, eh? Well, welcome.

We are the Super Snacks, a new (18+ only) guild and community forming as the ever anticipated Guild Wars 2 launch looms over us. Our aim is to have a pretty kick ass guild. We are taking all classes, all levels, etc. Thankfully, since there's not really a "holy trinity", that probably will never change and we won't have to worry about having tanks or healers.

Being that GW2 hasn't launched, there currently isn't a strict character registration policy; as in you have to register under your GW2 main as well. But there might be. Keep note of that.

Guild leaders are pokket (me) who used to play quite a bit of WoW from day one, as well as a few other MMO's. I would say I'm an experience raider and all sorts of shit, but that doesn't matter much for GW2. So, I'm just as new as you are.

I also have a couple buddies hopefully joining me. Ex-WoW guildies and friends from growing up. Once they join I'll add info about them.

Anyway, if you're interested just fill out this application here. See you around.